Monday, February 16, 2009

Hu Speaks Garbage To Africa

"China has successfully realized the historic transformation from a highly centralized planned economy to a vibrant socialist market economy, and from a closed or semi-closed society to one that fully embraces the world." -- Hu

Tell me Mr. Hu, which part of your butt did you pull that fantasy remark out of today? Embracing the world...more like trying to rape it and own it all at the same time on your own terms. How about getting real with China's currency? Oh...when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives, take her kowtowing with a grain of salt.

She may tell you not to worry about all the "Buy American" rhetoric being tossed around for the masses here in America, but take it from me...we here in the Middle Class are about to LASH BACK AT CHINA by leaving your products on the shelves. You see, we do not think you or your nation deserve "most favored nation" status, and are really sick of your HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS...especially where Tibet is concerned. That whole mess you stirred up really backfired on you...I loved watching you and China become laughing stocks of the world during the Torch of Shame Relay leading up to the Olympics. So much for your GREAT coming out party.

By the way, do you know how many RECALLS of Chinese products took place here in America last year? Do you know how quickly we can turn on you and your companies? We no buy, American Companies no order...tell me what happens when orders from American drop by say 50 percent Mr. Hu? Sure some 200-300 Million out of work Chinese in your over populated nation should keep you busy, and see you stop all your War Mongering around the world. Curious, do you really think your shows of force intimadate us here in America?

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